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She had gone to bed wearing only the top of her shorty nightgown, and it barely hid the curly thatch of red cunt hair. She dug her middle finger along the softness of her pussy, opening herself. There was a sound as her fingertip dipped into the juicy flesh. She felt satin smooth in there. Robyn wondered if that was why boys were always so anxious to get their fingers into a girl's panties. Robyn went out of her room and turned down the hall toward her brother's room. She rarely bothered to knock, so this time she didn't either. Yet, when she pushed the door open, she realized she'd made a mistake. Doug was naked on his bed, his cock sticking up from his crotch. Robyn had never seen it so big! The shaft was glistening with baby oil as were her brother's fingers. The tip of his cock was dusky-blue and very fat. Robyn put her hand to her mouth and stepped back. Doug was glaring at her. "What the hell do you want?" "Nothing… I was just going to ask you if you might loan me five bucks. I'm sorry, Doug, I didn't mean to barge in… I…" Robyn turned and stumbled back into the hall. She was about to run when she heard Doug call her name. "If you want five dollars, you'll have to earn it." She didn't know why she went back into Doug's bedroom. Except that she wanted that five dollars very badly. He was still squeezing and rubbing his cock. Robyn tried not to look at it, but found she could look at nothing else. "Maybe we should talk about it l-later," she stammered. "You want five bucks, don't you?" "Yes. I do," Robyn answered. "What are you staring for? Haven't you ever seen me do this before?" Doug moved his hand up and down, his fingers sliding over his swollen cock head, then down again. "Of course not!" "You do the same sort of thing." Doug grinned. "I know because I've watched you before." Robyn turned red. "You watched?" She felt like sinking through the floor. "Yeah. You were in your bed and I was outside on the roof. Man, you really worked out. You had one finger way up inside." "Shut up, Doug Blakely! You just shut up!" "Don't be so riled. We're brother and sister. It's not such a big thing if we know things about each other." Robyn took a deep breath. "Look, do I get the five dollars or not?" "I told you, you'd have to earn it." For a second, Robyn almost turned and went back down the hall. She did want that bikini awful bad though. She bit her lower lip and looked at her brother's cock. The oil made it glisten brightly. Robyn thought of the way her cunt glistened when she rubbed it enough. "Okay, what do you want me to do?" "Come over here and grab me. I'll tell you how to." "Doug! If Mom and Dad knew what you'd just asked me to do, they…" "Hey, they don't know." Her brother motioned with his hand. "Come on. You want the money, don't you?" Yes, Robyn wanted the five dollars very badly and this seemed like the only way she was going to get it. She went over to where her brother lay on the bed. Under her nightie, her cunt was throbbing in the weirdest way. She was breathing hard too. She put a hand out, almost closing her eyes as her brother moved so she could touch his cock. "It's so hot!" she gasped, tingling as she put her fingers around it. She squeezed, letting the baby oil squirt between her fingers. Doug had the strangest look on his face. His eyes closed and he moved his ass round on the bed real slow. This excited Robyn more than she thought it would. "Go on, move it." "How? Like this?" Robyn let her hand slide over her brother's cock head. The spongy flesh gave as her thumb and finger slipped over it, but it was surprisingly firm underneath. Robyn had never touched a man's cock before in her whole life. She couldn't help but think how it would feel to have her cunt speared by something like she was holding. The fact that it was her brother's cock she was fantasizing about made her blush. "Do it faster, Sis," Doug groaned, moving his hips even faster. He was panting now. Robyn moved her hand up and down with a quick rhythm. The oil trickled down her wrist. The sound of her lubricated fingers sliding over her brother's greasy cock made her tremble. But it was the feel of him that was most exciting of all. He was so damned hard! His cock jerked in her grip. When she smoothed her soft fingers down over his cock-tip, Doug shuddered and arched his back. "Jesus, that's the way, Sis! Qhhhhh, yeah!" "You'll give me five dollars for doing this?" she asked, thinking it was all a bit too easy. "You've got to finish me." Robyn frowned. "What do you mean, finish?" "You know, jack me off. Make me come." "Come?" The word was only vaguely familiar to Robyn. She knew that when her cunt tingled and itched like crazy and then those maddening spasms went through it, she'd come. It was different with a boy. She wasn't exactly sure just how different. "Tell me when you do it," Robyn said. "I don't want to be here all afternoon." "You'll know when I come," Doug laughed. "How will I know?" "Shut up and just keep doing that," he panted, moving his hips faster, his hands digging into the sheet. Robyn pumped her fist, watching the head of his cock thicken and grow even darker than before. It was a fat, hot knob now, surging with blood, the baby oil dripping off it as she jacked him. "Ohhhh, Robyn! Ohhhh, yeah, that's it! Now slow… real slow!" Robyn squeezed her thumb and finger tightly under the flared ridge of his cock-tip. She stripped downward until her hand brushed Doug's balls, then pumped upward slowly as his cock-head swelled. She stared at the slitted eye in the tip, watching a dewdrop of white liquid form there. The dewdrop grew as she rubbed her finger against the two lobes at the underside of his cock-head. Poor Doug looked like he was about to have a fit. He writhed around as if ants were biting him and his face had gotten red. It was red because he wasn't breathing. "Doug? Are you okay?" "Uhhhhhhh!" he gasped, pumping his hips wildly. Robyn squeezed his cock and released it, squeezed and let up. Her fingers slid around his swollen knob until it was taut and much firmer than before. The whitish dewdrop at the tip was still growing. "Ahhhhhhh!" Doug cried, shuddering, his belly sucking in under his ribs. The first white spurt of cum went two feet into the air. Robyn gave a squeal of surprise but didn't let go of his cock. She pumped it down and up once. Another streak burst upward, this one falling to slop against her wrist and knee. "You're coming!" she said, realizing this was what her brother had meant. He thrust his hips around wildly, panting and groaning as she jacked him. "Fast now! Ohhhh shit! Do it fast!" "Okay," Robyn said, trying to do what her brother wanted. She jacked him rapidly, her fingers making a squishy sound against his oily, fevered cock. "Uhh, yeah!" Doug moaned. "Faster or slower?" Robyn asked. "I don't give a damn. It feels good!" The cum was jumping into the air steadily. Robyn counted five spurts, two little ones and then the white jizz just oozed out as she continued to pump her brother's prick. She enjoyed the slick feel of the stuff as it leaked down his shaft and got between her fingers. "What a mess!" she gasped, realizing what she'd just done was not exactly what her parents would approve of. It was strange, holding her brother's cock, pumping the fresh cum from it. It made her cunt throb just about as much as Doug's prick. She was very wet down there and could smell her cunt juice strongly. "Ohhh, sis, you did it good!" Robyn wiped her hand on the sheet and stood up. Her knees wobbled. Doug gave her a soft, smiling look. "Where's my five dollars?" "Oh, that. Okay, just a second." Robyn felt nervous to get out of Doug's room. Though their folks weren't around, she knew neither of them would be too happy to know what they'd been up to. Doug didn't seem to be in any hurry for her to leave. "How does a girl do it?" he asked. "I know you use your finger and all, but just exactly what do you do?" "Doug, I didn't come in here to discuss personal matters with you. Would you please give me my five dollars so I can go back to my own room?" "Has a guy ever felt you up?" Doug asked next. "A little once." Robyn blushed. "The five dollars, Doug? You promised, remember?" "You're still a virgin, aren't you?" "Of course! I haven't ever made it with a guy, if that's what you mean." "What does it look like? Your cunt, I mean." Robyn folded her arms and glared down at her brother. His cock had wilted some, and the cummy slickness glistened on his balls and cock hair. "If you think I'm going to show you my cunt, you're crazy." "I'd give you an extra two dollars." Robyn walked a few steps and turned to face her brother. He was looking down at where her nightie stopped. She wondered if he'd noticed that she wasn't wearing any panties. Obviously, he had. "Okay, you just want to look at it?" "Lie down on the bed so I can get a good look." "I don't like this, Doug. If Mom and Dad found out…" "Who's going to tell them?" He tilted his head. "I sure don't plan on it." Robyn was trembling as she went over to her brother's bed. He made room for her, jerking the sheet down so she wouldn't get in any spilled cum. She lay on her back and her shorty nightgown hiked up immediately. Doug knelt close by, his eyes wide with wonder. "Can't you open your legs a little?" he asked. "I can't see anything but red hair now." "Just a quick look," Robyn said, her voice shaky. She spread her knees a foot and stopped. "Aw, come on, I want to see what it looks like inside." Blushing violently, Robyn stretched her legs wide apart. She was going to close them quickly again, but Doug got between her knees and dug his thumbs into the muscles of her thighs as he peered into the glistening, steamy softness of her pussy. "Ohhh, don't! You're hurting me!" "Hey, relax. I want to figure this out." He got his face closer. "What's this little nub here?" he asked, putting a finger against her clit. Robyn sucked in a quick breath and rolled her hips. "Don't touch that!" she cried. "What is it?" "That's my clit, stupid. Haven't you ever taken biology?" "God, the way you're squirming around, it must be pretty sensitive." Doug rubbed his fingertip across her clit again. Her juices had made the spot slick and the subtle friction caused Robyn to whimper. "Doug, don't." "Feel good?" he wanted to know, still rubbing her. "Yes… I mean no. Just don't fool with it. Have you seen what you wanted to see?" "No, not yet." Doug stopped touching her clit and eased his finger down into the clasping fever of her pussy slit. The two halves of her cunt-lips caressed his knuckles and the stiffness against her made Robyn groan and move her ass around on the bed again. "That's enough, Doug! Now give me my money and let me…" "What's this? It's all red." His finger pressed up against the delicate hollow Robyn had often used a mirror to look at. "That's my cherry. Don't push very hard." "There's a little hole in it." Robyn blushed again. She didn't want her brother to know that she'd pushed a pencil into herself to make the hole bigger. After that, she'd managed to work her little finger into the opening, stretching herself until at last she could fit her middle finger up into the feverish heat of her cunt. Her pussy spasmed now as her brother probed around. "Does that feel good?" he asked. "Doug, you've had a good look. Now let me up." "Don't squirm around so much," he said. "God, you really smell far out. I kind of like it." "Doug!" As Robyn tried to roll over, she felt her brother's fingertip going into the hole she'd made in her cherry. It felt so strange, having someone else push into her pussy. She'd been the only one who'd ever dipped into the heat that was hidden behind that magical place. "Wow, you're really hot inside! I'll bet it would feel great to…" Doug's cheeks reddened a little as he thought of the unthinkable. Robyn was beginning to feel frightened. Yet, her brother's finger felt so teasingly good. She tried to push his hand away, drawing a foot back to kick at him. With her knees bent sharply like that, Doug was able to slide his finger as deep as it would go. "Uhhh, uhhhh, ohhhhh!" Robyn gasped, her hips thrusting, her tits heaving under the flinty material of her nightie. "Does it feel like you're getting fucked?" "How would I know, silly?" Robyn bucked her ass, then shivered. "Stop it now, Doug. You told me you'd give me the money if…" "Have you ever thought of going all the way with some guy?" "No!" Robyn shook her head hard, her red curls splashing across the pillow. "Wouldn't it feel good to fuck? God, when I think about it, it makes me a little wild inside." Doug was thrusting his finger in and out of her cunt. Robyn could feel the tightness of her pussy closing down around him, squeezing him. Just like his finger was a tiny cock! Robyn wondered if this was close to how it would feel to let somebody fuck her. But a finger was so small and a cock was so big! She remembered all too clearly how it had felt to hold her brother's prick in her hand. Doug was finger-fucking her faster and, as he pushed into her, he let his thumb slide across her juicy clit. She couldn't hold still. Her hips lurched from side to side and she was panting wildly. "Doug, please, Doug, stop it right now?" But Doug wasn't stopping. He was climbing up over her body. She felt him kiss her belly, pushing her nightie up to expose her tits. When she looked down, she saw his cock! It was stiff again, the head still wet with the cum he'd spurted. "God, Robyn, wouldn't it be fun to do it?" he whispered. There was a crazy look in his eyes. Robyn tried to roll away, but he dropped his weight onto her body and pinned her arms.

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