Horny for rams and horses

She was riding bareback, and the thought that it must have been the rubbing of her hot crotch on his back which excited the horse was the sort of thing that thrilled the woman. Marion was a sexy woman who had often given men hard-ons, but this, as far as she knew, was the first time that she had ever excited an animal. She looked ahead to where her guide was riding, leading the way. When she saw that he was looking straight ahead, she grinned and leaned sideways, staring down under the animal's loins. His huge prick looped out in a fat prod. The big, dark-fleshed cockhead was just starting to push out from the foreskin and his balls were big as melons. Marion was getting turned on, herself. She looked ahead again. The young man who was guiding her along the forest trail was paying her no attention and had obviously not realized that her mount was sporting a stiffening prick. Marion folded her legs in around the horse's flanks. He was a sturdy horse, but not overly large, and she was able to touch both booted heels against the animal's cock. Her well-muscled thighs gripped the horse around the flanks, tightening and relaxing as if she were lasting at a trot. She began to rub her heels up and down the animal's huge, swollen prick. It got bigger and bigger. The head flared out in a great, mushroom-shaped slab of dark-gray cockmeat, throbbing. Marion could feel his prick pulsating between her heels. The woman wished that she were barefoot so that she could caress that lovely cock with her naked feet and calves. The woman kept leaning down to gaze under the horse, then quickly looking ahead to make sure that the horse's condition and, more to the point, her own involvement and interest in that condition had not been noticed. Marion would have been mortified if the young man had noticed what she was doing. She felt a bit embarrassed by it, herself. Yet that massive hunk of horsemeat was so thrilling that she wasn't worried about a silly thing like being embarrassed… as long as no one else knew about it. The guide did not look back. He was leading them along a narrow trail with trees on one side and a shalestone incline on the other, carefully picking his way around and under overhanging branches, concentrating on the path. Marion massaged the horse's cock some more. She began to wonder if she would be able to make the horse come like that, between her feet. The instant that the possibility occurred to her, she felt an unholy urge to jack the beast, knowing what a thrill it would be to see his cum spurt out and know she had caused it. But she was nervous. What if the young man happened to look back just at the critical moment, when the horse was spurting his wad? She looked ahead again. Marion was flushed with lust and blushing with embarrassment because of that lust. The young man, although she did not know it, was blushing, too. He was a teenager, tall and lean, dressed in jeans and a plaid workshirt, boots and a Stetson. His name was Jake. He was blushing because he thought… and hoped… that there was a chance that sexy Marion Tremayne intended to seduce him. Such things had happened to Jake before. He worked on the dude ranch and, quite often, the women who took their vacations there were horny, and a few of them had seduced young Jake at the end of the trail. In his tight jeans, with his crotch-bulge evident, Jake was the sort who appealed to horny women of all ages. But no one as gorgeous as Marion had ever stayed at the ranch before, and her very beauty made the boy nervous. That was why he was not looking back. In fact, it had been Marion's intention to seduce Jake. This was her first day at the ranch. Right away, she had seen the way his cock bulged in his tight jeans and figured that she would make a play for him as soon as they stopped in some lovely and romantic spot along the trail. Marion was a married woman and not particularly promiscuous, but she had come on this vacation without her husband and it was the sort of occasion when even a faithful wife was entitled to slip up, she figured. She had been thinking about seducing young Jake as she rode along bareback, and she had been getting hot. She thought that maybe she would blow him first. Marion liked lean, young men, and the thought of driving them wild with her tongue, hearing them whimper as she took their jism in her mouth, was inspirational. Then, if he was as potent as he looked, she would let him fuck her as long and as hard as he wanted. That had been her intention. And perhaps it had been her sexual arousal that had inspired the horse to get an erection. But now Marion found herself far more intrigued with the horse than with Jake. Marion was a tall, willowy woman, with long, long legs. Those legs were wrapped firmly around the horse as she continued to stroke his prick between her heels. She had an ass shaped like a valentine, and that ass was rubbing steadily on the animal's back as she worked her foaming crotch around on heated animal flesh. The horse was slightly lathered. Her cunt was lathered a lot more. Marion's tits were large and firm and thrusting and, at the moment, her nipples stood out stiff and trembling against her shirt, swollen so much they seemed ready to explode. She looked down again. Her curly auburn hair cascaded over her cheek as she leaned far down over the horse's back and gazed at his cock. Her green eyes flared, hot as molten jade, thrilled by the sight. Her wide, full lips parted, panting, and the pink tip of her tongue slid across her mouth. By this time, the horse's prick was hard as a rock and so taut that it was throbbing between her boots like a captive snake. She knew that it wouldn't take much more rubbing to bring the beast to a climax. Did she have time? Could she complete the job without being discovered? Marion rationalized the situation: if the horse still had a hard-on when Jake looked back, or when they stopped, it was going to be an awfully embarrassing situation, anyhow. She would have to pretend that she hadn't noticed that erection, or feign dismay when she did, and she knew that both she and Jake would be mortified. On the other hand, if the horse shot his load now, his prick would undoubtedly soften and diminish, and Jake would never realize what had happened behind him on the trail. That was how Marion justified her decision. She began to move her feet up and down with a steady rhythm that would bring the horse off quickly. She adored the way his cock pulsated between her feet. Her pussy was getting so hot that she thought she might cream herself, soaking her riding jodhpurs. The horse began to sway and stumble, losing his footing as he began to concentrate more on his cock than his stride. His nostrils flared and his breath billowed out. His neck turned, and he gazed back at his rider in wonderment. Marion leaned on his withers with one hand. Bending down lithely, she reached under the animal and fingered the swollen head of his prick. It was damp. His pre-cum juices were already seeping out. When she brought her hand back up, her fingers were dripping with horse jizz. She held her hand up before her face, staring at the creamy ribbons in fascination. Horse cum looked thicker than a man's cum, she thought. It felt hotter, too. But she was so hot that it was hard to judge anything hotter. The raging heat that had started in her crotch seemed to have seeped throughout her whole body. Even her eyes seemed to be hot as she stared at her hand and watched the slippery ribbons of horse cum slowly slide down her fingers and palm. Then the horny woman did a naughty thing. She brought her hand to her lips, pushed her tongue out and lapped up some horse jism. She blushed furiously even as she did it, and knew that later, when she had cooled down, she would feel disgusted with her behavior. But at the moment, she simply had to have a taste of that thick jizz. She tried to believe that she was tasting it out of mere curiosity, to see if it had the same flavor and texture as a man's cum… but in her heart, she had to admit that she was doing it because she lusted with a sexual frenzy for that slick slime. "Oooooh," she moaned, as the musky taste tingled on her tongue. She lapped up another tongueful. Her tongue felt as hot as her clit now. Her mouth was salivating every bit as much as her cunt was melting with juice. Bunching her fingers together, Marion pushed them into her mouth and began to suck on them as if they were a cock. And she sucked them clean, letting the hot cum slide around on her tingling taste buds for a moment, then swallowing every sweet drop. Hot flashes ran through her like lightning. The thrill of doing such a perverted thing was driving lust through the fabric of her mind as well as her body. Now the horny woman was so worked up that her need to make the horse climax was every bit as powerful as the horses need to get his swollen cock and bloated balls emptied. Marion leaned on the beast's withers with both hands and began to rub her feet up and down along his prick faster. Her ankles arched and her instep caressed the underside of his cock while she pulled up on his vibrating prick. She could feel his fat vein pulsating right through the leather of her boots. Her own blood seemed to throb though her veins in the same way, and her heart was pounding like the horse's cock. As her legs moved up and down on the animal's flanks, her crotch was moving, too, rubbing steadily along the horse's spine. Her pussy was flooding her panties now. Marion was so hot that she felt numb. She didn't know if she were coming or not. Then the horse came! She gasped as she felt his huge prick suddenly give a mighty lurch, then his massive cock recoiled between her feet, slamming back, and from his cockhead his thick slime spurted out like a fluid cannonball. Jism shot out between the horse's front legs and flew ten feet up the trail splashing heavily on the ground. The animal snorted and his hindquarters lowered, squatting down, so that his prick was aimed upward at a higher angle. His second mighty jet of jism blew out, lifting into the leafy branches of the overhanging trees like a silvery spaceship launched with such velocity that it could escape the suck of gravity. Marion slid back along his angled spine. Her hands clutched the horse's mane, and she squirmed, working her cunt around on his back as she watched that creamy stream rise high into the trees, then hang suspended for a moment before it dropped back to the earth. For a horrible moment, Marion thought that tremendous shot was going to fly so far ahead that it would splatter all over Jake's back. But it fell short of the guide, splashing on the trail behind his mount. It was so thick that the lumps fragmented like brittle metal, silvery drops bouncing in all directions. Marion's feet were still massaging his spurting cock. A third powerful jet burst from the horse's cockhead, then a fourth, looping up and spraying the tree. Then the pressure was off. Cum continued to pour from him, but it wasn't hosing out now. It was merely trickling from the gaping cleft and running down his meaty knob, soaking her boots. Marion kept squeezing his prick until she had milked out every last drop from the brute. She felt his cock begin to soften. The horse snorted and shook his head as if he were mystified my what had happened. Perhaps he was. It isn't every day that a horse gets jacked off by a woman rider.

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